On this date. . .the 10th of May

Births Susie Ione (MNU) Hemphill was born in 1900 in Georgia. Deaths Beulah Beatrice (Whitener) Harrison died in 1966 in Chatsworth, Georgia. Hoke S. Jackson died in 1988. Click on any link above to see more information about these individuals, including source citations. If you enjoyed this post you might want to consider subscribing to […]

On this date. . .the 7th of May

Births Samuel Garrett was born in 1672 in England. Thomas Hemphill was born in 1807 in Old Fort, North Carolina. Alzirah B. (Searcy) Harrison was born in 1826 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Daisy Mae (Kendrick) Jackson was born in 1913 in Georgia. Marriages Maria Agnes Dellinger and Jonas Renner were married in 1726. Lucinda […]

On this date. . .the 8th of January

Births Thomas Young Greenlee was born in 1818. Thomas L. Hemphill was born in 1858. Deaths Daniel Whitener died in 1833 in Lincoln County, North Carolina (my 5th great-grandfather). William Adolphus Whitener died in 1947 in Gilmer County, Georgia. Marriages John H. Johnson and Nancy J. Scruggs were married in 1882 in Fannin County, Georgia. […]

On this date. . .the 31st of December

Births James Lawson was born in 1819 in Tennessee. Deaths Anna Elisabeth Dellinger died in 1768. Mollie Victoria Elrod (Childers) Roberts died in 1988 in Murray County, Georgia. John V. Fain, Sr. died in 1992. Marriages Oliver H. Harrison and Alzirah B. Searcy were married in 1846 in Gilmer County, Georgia. George W. Manley and […]

On this date. . .the 26th of August

Births Rebecca Hemphill was born in 1792 in Old Fort, North Carolina. Andrew Hemphill Mackie was born in 1813. Martha A. Searcy was born in 1840 in Tennessee. J. E. Patterson was born in 1851. Burtha F. Aaron was born in 1898. Deaths Mary Catherine (Mull) Weidner died in 1804 in Lincolnton, North Carolina (my […]

On this date. . .the 13th of July

On this date - July 13

Births Mary Ann Ellis was born in 1829. Charles M. Sampler was born in 1876 in Alabama. Beulah Beatrice (Whitener) Harrison was born in 1889 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Martha (Mackie) Fleming died in 1854 in Franklin County, Georgia. Elijah Boggs died in 1901. Marriages Susannah Butler and John Fletcher Sullins were married in 1826. […]