Jackson County GA

Surname Saturday: Ellis

30 November 2013 Bios & Timelines

My Ellis family line starts with Rosa Evelyn, my 2nd great-grandmother. She was born 28 March 1853 in Murray County, Georgia, where she lived almost her whole life. She married Martin LaFayette Roberts on 27 January 1872, in Murray County. They had eight children in 18 years. She died on 25 March 1936, in Murray […]

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On this date. . .the 26th of November

26 November 2010 On this date

Births Cyntha C. (MNU) Haney was born in 1821. Rosannah (McEntire) Barrett McEntire was born in 1846, probably in Murray County, Georgia. Olin Edward Hemphill was born in 1894 in Georgia. Deaths John W. Davis died in 1918. Marriages Johans Philip Dellinger and Catherine Zerb were married in 1748 in Baden-Wurtenburg (currently believed to be […]

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On this date. . .the 13th of November

13 November 2010 On this date

Births Elijah Marion Ellis was born in 1823 in Buncombe County, North Carolina (my 3rd great-grandfather). Mills Flack was born in 1838. Marthann Josephine Forrester was born in 1853. Annie G. Hemphill was born in 1872 in Georgia. Deaths Walter Ellis died in 1821 in Jackson County, Georgia (my 5th great-grandfather). Marriages Solomon Browning and […]

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On this date. . .the 29th of October

29 October 2010 On this date

Births Alacia Merle Hemphill was born in 1931 in Akron, Ohio. Deaths Alfred Thomas Whitener died in 1906 in Navarro, Texas. Marriages Mary Boggs and Isaac Henry Ellis were married in 1837 in Jackson County, Georgia. Joseph Garrett and Nancy Emily Mashburn were married in 1846 in Gilmer County, Georgia.

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On this date. . .the 25th of August

25 August 2010 On this date

Births George W. Manley was born in 1884. Earnest LaFayette Roberts was born in 1899 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Columbus P. Hemphill died in 1864. George Avery Powell died in 1931 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Marriages Joseph Boggs and Mary Ellis were married in 1808 in Jackson County, Georgia. Chapman Ellis and Christina Lowe were […]

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Where was the Ellis family in 1808?

2 November 2008 Bios & Timelines

Two hundred years ago my Ellis relatives were in Jackson County, Georgia, South Carolina, and possibly North Carolina. Walter Ellis (5x great-grandfather) is my oldest Ellis relative who was alive in 1808.  He and his wife, Mary (Parker) probably were in Jackson County, Georgia.  In 1805, he appeared on the Jackson County land lottery list and […]

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