Some Buncombe County Death Notices


    This is part of an occasional series in which  I process information from a book called Marriage and Death Notices from Extant Asheville, N. C. Newspapers 1840-1870 An Index. I consulted this book  last year at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  I have lots of people from in and around Asheville, […]

On this date. . .the 3rd of April

Births Jesse Burgin was born in 1803 in Burke County, North Carolina. Amanda Melvina Jane (Heartsill) Roberts was born in 1862 in Tennessee. Deaths Reverend Thomas Mallory died in 1644 in Chester, England (currently believed to be my 10th great-grandfather). Jane (Bane) Chamberlain died in 1777. Rachel (Hemphill) Whiteside died in 1833 in Bills Creek, […]

On this date. . .the 1st of March

Deaths Johann Wilhelm Dellinger died in 1720. Anna Barbara Albrecht died in 1902 in Guilford County, North Carolina. Alvin M. Brookshire died in 1889. Susan C. Whitener died in 1905 in North Carolina. Nancy Emeline (Brookshire) Garrett died in 1916 in Ellijay, Georgia (my 3rd great-grandmother). Louisa M. (Smith) Johnson died in 1963. Marriages Thomas […]

On this date. . .the 22nd of February

Births Thomas Whiteside was born in 1790 in Buffalo Creek, North Carolina. Deaths Mary (Pitcairn) Mackie died in 1746 in Ceres, Scotland (currently believed to be my 8th great-grandmother). James Kendall Thompson died in 1913 in Murray County, Georgia. Click on any link above to see more information about these individuals, including source citations. Did […]

On this date. . .the 28th of January

Births David Washington Greenlee was born in 1787 in Morganton, North Carolina. Rosanna (Mackie) Whiteside was born in 1793. John Roberts was born in 1851 in Bradley County, Tennessee. George William Butler was born in 1912 in Texas. John Edward Hemphill was born in 1916 in Chatsworth, Georgia (my grandfather). Marriages Rosa E. Ellis and […]

On this date. . .the 5th of January

Births Martha (Mackie) Allen was born in 1809. Peter Wilfong Whitener was born in 1840 in Catawba County, North Carolina. Deaths Catherina Margaretha Dellinger died in 1734. Anna Barbara (Dellinger) Weber Meyer died in 1742. William Everett Whitener died January 5, 1937 in Murray County, Georgia (my 2nd great-grandfather).