Twice-Told Tuesday: Murray County in the Service


“William D. Kendrick, S 1/c, USNR, son of Adolph C. Kendrick, of Chatsworth, has returned to the States from Tokyo Bay on the Battleship, USS Wisconsin for the 45,000-ton ship’s participation in the observance of Navy Day on October 27. The Wisconsin figured prominently in action during the final eight months of the war, supporting […]

On this date. . .the 29th of November


Births Nina Melissa Greenlee was born in 1907 in McDowell County, North Carolina. Deaths Mary (Morrison) Hemphill died in 1851. James Benjamin Butler died in 1944 in Ramhurst, Georgia (my great-grandfather). Vina J. (Townsend) Roberts died in 1954 in Murray County, Georgia. Martha Alma (Ellis) Francis died in 1970 in Davis, Oklahoma Military Francis Marion […]

Inventory of Family Papers

As I wrote about on Sunday, the second assignment in Lesson Two of the NGS Home Study Course is to make an inventory of family papers found at home (or at a relative’s) and to include the paper’s provenance and genealogical information and clues.  My list (limited to ten items) is below: Article regarding funeral […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-06-16


Currently reading: Search Engines for #Genealogy Going Beyond Google # Currently reading: Online Death Records and Indexes – New Additions and Updates #genealogy # Currently reading: Can You Teach an Old Genealogist New Tricks? #genealogy # Reading: The Battle of Athens . My grandfather was involved in this. . . # […]

Newspaper Articles Add Color and Depth to Genealogy Research

I have a cousin who often sends me copies of newspaper articles that she has found referencing our common line (the Hemphills).  These articles have included obituaries, marriage announcements, and my favorite -Social News – which includes stories of birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, and family reunions.  Through these articles, I’ve learned the details of […]

Who Were James Butler’s Parents?

James B. Butler is as far back as I can go in the Butler line.  He was my 3x-great-grandfather. Thanks to his military history, I have quite a lot of information on James’ life as an adult.  He was born sometime between about 1810 and 1824, according to various records.  He was likely born in […]