On this date. . .the 10th of June

10 June 2011 On this date

Births James Hardy Whiteside was born in 1818 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Joel Nabors was born in 1822 in North Carolina. Deaths Johannes Renner died in 1733. Anna Maria (Keller) Albright died in 1803 in Guilford, North Carolina (my 7th great-grandmother). Thomas Rudd died in 1807. Sheriff Johannes Peter Mull died in 1814 in […]

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On this date. . .the 24th of May

24 May 2011 On this date

Births Mary Catherine (Mull) Weidner was born in 1733 in Goshenhoppen, Pennsylvania (my 6th great-grandmother). Charity Patton was born in 1796.

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On this date. . .the 27th of January

27 January 2011 On this date

Births Madgalena “Molly” (Mull) Whitener was born in 1782. Albert Elvis Lankford was born in 1887 in Benton, Tennessee.

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On this date. . .the 4th of November

4 November 2010 On this date

Births John Posey Hemphill was born in 1844. Elmer Rufus Roberts was born in 1904 in Murray County, Georgia. Deaths Conrad Mull died in 1760 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Captain John Philip Dellinger died in 1826 in Lincoln County, North Carolina. Eliza Amanda Forrester died in 1935 in Fannin County, Georgia. Josie (Mathis) Burnette […]

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On this date. . .the 10th of September

10 September 2010 On this date

Births George C. Alexander was born in 1790 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. William Crow Langston was born in 1799 in Granville County, North Carolina. Edward Austin Langston was born in 1851 in Bradley County, Tennessee. Deaths Ann Garrett died in 1672. Marriages James Young Hemphill and Mary Elizabeth McEntire were married in 1867 in […]

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On this date. . .the 26th of August

26 August 2010 On this date

Births Rebecca Hemphill was born in 1792 in Old Fort, North Carolina. Andrew Hemphill Mackie was born in 1813. Martha A. Searcy was born in 1840 in Tennessee. J. E. Patterson was born in 1851. Burtha F. Aaron was born in 1898. Deaths Mary Catherine (Mull) Weidner died in 1804 in Lincolnton, North Carolina (my […]

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On this date. . .the 25th of July

25 July 2010 On this date

Births John Mull was born in 1744. James Hemphill was born in 1780 in Old Fort, North Carolina. Rachel Mackie was born in 1800. Deaths William Patton Hemphill died in 1861 in Yorktown, Virginia. Updated 7/24/11.

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May Birthdays

1 May 2010

Let’s recognize ancestors who were born in May! Anna Barbara Siegfried, 7x-great-grandmother, born 09 May 1696 in Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany.

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Journey Across the Pond

3 October 2009 And More

Most lines of my family tree came to America before 1750.  I have very little documentation of their journey across the pond at this point, as I’ve been concentrating on completing my American records first. Confirmed Passenger Lists The only passenger list that I have is for the Albrecht/Albright family who traveled from Palatine Germany […]

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Some of Burke County’s Old Sheriffs

20 December 2008 Bios & Timelines

This story includes excerpts referring to several of my relatives. It is part of a series of Biographical Sketches from Burke County, North Carolina that were written by by Col Thomas George Walton (1815-1905) and were first published in the old Morganton Herald in 1894. “PETER MULL [7x great-uncle] was elected Sheriff in 1790.” “THOMAS […]

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