On this date. . .the 29th of March

Deaths James Young Hemphill died in 1977 in Whitfield County, Georgia. Icie Irene Kendrick died in 1992 in Murray County, Georgia. Marriages James B. Butler and Rhoda Qualls were married in 1839 in Hall County, Georgia (my 3rd great-grandparents).

On this date. . .the 23rd of March

Deaths Ruth Bertha (Hemphill) Whiteside died in 1847 in Benton County, Alabama. Mary Jane (Hemphill) Stroud died in 1923 near Waco, Texas. Joseph Lytle Burgin died in 1927 in Old Fort, North Carolina. William Camille Chable died in 1963. Olen McEntire Butler died in 1979 in Whitfield County, Georgia. Marriages Constance Fisher and Moses Quarles […]

On this date. . .the 12th of February

Deaths Jane (Mallory) Quarles died in 1710 in King and Queen County, Virginia (currently believed to be my 7th great-grandmother). Benjamin Edward Forrester died in 1937 in Fannin County, Georgia. Marriages John Ingle and Joyce Stroud were married in 1827 in Burke County, North Carolina. Walter Washington Ellis and Sarah Phillips were married in 1835 […]

On this date. . .the 30th of January

Births Anne (Fowke) Alexander was born in 1689 in Nanjemoy, Maryland. Rebeccah Burgin was born in 1799. Harvey Lafayette Whiteside was born in 1827 in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Deaths John Roberts died in 1854 in Bradley County, Tennessee. John Quarles died in 1889 in Gilmer County, Georgia. Marriages Anna Maria Brandstatter and Johans Philip […]

On this date. . .the 13th of January

Births Jacob Dellinger was born in 1698 in Baden. Robert Burgin was born in 1787. Sophia Caroline Ellis was born in 1823. David Quarles was 1829 in Habersham County, Georgia. Martha Elizabeth (Lytle) Hemphill was born in 1831 in Burke County, North Carolina (my 3rd great-grandmother). Deaths Maria Elisabetha (Dellinger) Rottenhauser died in 1776. William […]

Treasure Chest Thursday: Hemphill-Quarles Marriage

Hemphill Quarles genealogy

On 31 July 1931, Elmer Hemphill and Bessie Quarles were joined in the holy bonds of matrimony. They were married in Murray County, Georgia. Elmer was my maternal grandfather’s elder brother. Analysis From this record, I learned Bessie’s surname. I also learned the date and place of their marriage. It’s interesting that Bessie was a […]

On this date. . .the 21st of November

Births Mary Quarles was born in 1821 in South Carolina. Thomas Hemphill Whiteside was born in 1821. Hiram Willington Searcy was born in 1843 in Gilmer County, Georgia. Marriages Anna Dorothea Dellinger and Hans Jerg Schmid were married in 1724. John Whitfield Hemphill and Eldorado Ella Patton were married in 1872.

On this date. . .the 10th of November

Births Hanns Philipp Dellinger was born in 1734. John Silas O’Neal was born in 1807. John Quarles was born in 1818 in South Carolina. Deaths Sarah Massey died in 1822 in Hickory, North Carolina. John Underwood Whiteside died in 1886 in Rabbit Town, Alabama. Cicero Green Ellis died in 1915 in Arkansas. Marriages John W. […]

On this date. . .the 3rd of October

Births Patience (Barstow) Simmons was born in 1643 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts (currently believed to be my 9th great-grandmother). Elizabeth (Ellis) Nelson was born in 1778 in Caswell County, North Carolina. Sarah Malinda (Fouts) Chable was born in 1878. Deaths Levi Brookshire died in 1824. George C. Alexander died in 1880 in Buncombe County, North […]