On the date. . .the 5th of July


Births Hans Stoffel Dellinger was born in 1661. William Elmer Hemphill was born in 1910 in Ramhurst, Georgia. Deaths Priscilla (Debord) Sorrells died in 1862 in Buncombe County, North Carolina. Magdalin (Elrod) Roberts died in 1946 in Murray County, Georgia. Sarah Caroline (Davis) Aaron died in 1947. Marriages Rhoda Debord and Elisha Marlow were married […]

What’s New 7/22/2009

New People Family of Mary Jane Whiteside Family of Marcus de LaFayette Whiteside 2 wives of William Lamar Decatur Whiteside 2 wives of Jonathan Calhoun Whiteside (one is Amanda M. Hemphill – who is she?  Who are her parents?  Grandparents?) Jane Caroline Dysart, daughter of James Young Dysart and Margaret Hemphill.  She married Benjamin Logan […]