Playing with Wordle


I spent a little time playing with Wordle this weekend, as part of the Winter 2010 Geneablogger Games.  I’ve made surname visualizations before using Image Chef, so the process was familiar to me.  Wordle has some different features, so I made several different word clouds. First, the standard surname visualization.  I used the top 100 […]

“Family Tree” Overview

The “Family Tree” tab (above) contains a database of all my genealogy research.  I thought it would be helpful to provide a navigational overview. The Genealogy Menu is visible in the sidebar whenever you are in the “Family Tree” section.  It contains links to: Surnames includes a list of the top 30 surnames in the […]

A Gentleman Named “Pioneer Ben”

A fascinating biographical sketch on Pioneer Ben Burgin can be found at “Benjamin Burgin, the second child of John & Martha Burgin, was born in Kent County (Shrewsbury Parish) Maryland, November 30,1741 and was christened December 25, 1741. Kent County is on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, just across the northern part of the Chesapeake Bay […]