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Weekly Updates for 2011-03-09

9 March 2011 And More

I made a blog connection this week too! RT @baysideresearch: Yay! Just connected with another Corley cousin thanks to my blog. #genealogy # Watching #WDYTYA on dvr. Love that Mark Lowe is on this ep! #genealogy # Reading “Videos from RootsTech 2011″ via Genea-Musings http://ow.ly/48mNh # Lionel Ritchie is headed to Chattanooga! Yay! #WDYTYA # […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-03-02

2 March 2011 And More

I understand that people would have reasons to protect their tweets. But why do they want to follow me? #confused # RT @valeriec84: Today’s Georgia Archive Find: Cutest Map Ever: http://is.gd/o18UZb #genealogy # Working on a #genealogy mystery with mom. Will have to post about it this weekend. # Speaking of #scrapbooking I’m downloading from […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-02-23

23 February 2011 And More

RT @footnotemaven: Can We Talk? About using my artwork. While not gr8, it is mine. http://bit.ly/gdWd27 #genealogy #COG # #FF @HicksShauna @LifetimeStories @footnoteMaven @ MyNolaHeritage @lfmccauley @savingstories @Luxegen @marianpl @AYWalton @baysideresearch # RT @bibliotraveler: RT @MelissaWrites: Bloggers beware! Legal Lesson: Copywriter Pays $4,000 for $10 Photo @Webcopyplus http://bit.ly/gPvFVt # RT @nbcwdytya: East & Central viewers, […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-02-16

16 February 2011 Evidence

RT @geneabloggers: An interview with Elizabeth Shown Mills at GeneaBloggers http://su.pr/4727NO #genealogy # RT @acoffin: Lynch says stop talking about writing and go write. If you can use a word processor, you can write a book. #rootstech # Working on census research checklist for NGS Home Study Course. #genealogy # RT @rzamor1: Video streamed at […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-02-09

9 February 2011 And More

One thing I love about #WDYTYA . .the researchers are just as thrilled with the finds as the celebrities. It’s how we feel as genealogists # Agreed RT @cerealcitymama: i think #wdytya producers have tweaked the show for the better. # RT @strawberrycreek: @EricaJoy who built a site 2 help lost @23andMe users. Badly needed, […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-02-02

2 February 2011 And More

Dropbox FTW http://db.tt/5CqHgr6 # Finally setting up Dropbox FTW http://db.tt/5CqHgr6 # RT @missedinhistory: The second installment of UGA’s desegregation anniversary from the blogs: http://is.gd/mgtWuQ # RT @lcafricana: New: 117 Slaves in the Estate of Micah J. Jenkins, Charleston, SC, 1852: http://ow.ly/3JEqk #genealogy #RTA # RT @mboxgenealogy: Today is Pride and Prejudice’s 198th birthday! Published 28 […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-01-26

26 January 2011 And More

RT @geneabloggers: FGS Director Paula Stuart-Warren named UGA Fellow http://su.pr/2IrBwx #genealogy # RT @whiteoakattic: Why do you want to research your family tree? For me it’s a nice blend of a love for mysteries, nostalgia and trivia. # 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History: Home – http://mahoganybox.net/2011/stories-lore/52-weeks-of-personal-genealogy-history-home #

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Weekly Updates for 2011-01-19

19 January 2011 And More

I was added to the @Darris/family-history list (via @ListNotify) # I was added to the @savingstories/genealogy list (via @ListNotify) # I was added to the @wbrittain/genealogy list (via @ListNotify) # Thanks for the #FF shout-outs! Back at ya! @HicksShauna @ddaruth # Downloading: A Blue Flower Art quality digital scrapbooking designs freebie http://bit.ly/gZqJQq # RT @geneabloggers: […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-01-12

12 January 2011 And More

My flip-pal came today! # Playing with my flip-pal. . .It arrived earlier in the week, but I haven’t had time to try it out yet. @mobilescanning # Reading: Genealogy By Ginger’s Blog: A Day in My Dream Life http://t.co/L44jEmk # RT @myheritage: great quote – “Genealogy is like playing hide and seek: They hide… […]

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Weekly Updates for 2011-01-05

5 January 2011 And More

Just ordered my flip-pal. Whee! #genealogy # I was added to the @keatsbabe/genealogy-history list (via @ListNotify) # Indexing Rowan County marriage records at FamilySearch. I have people from Rowan County, so this should be fun! #genealogy # Reading: “Skillbuilding: It’s Not That Hard to Write Proof Arguments” http://ow.ly/3wjkz #genealogy # Reading “What’s Ahead at Ancestry […]

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