Rachel Johnson Ward Timeline

Johnson Ward genealogy

I’m rounding out the great-grandmother portion of my Women’s Timeline Series with Rachel Louisa Johnson. 1892 – Rachel Louisa was born on August 9, the 7th (and next-to-last) child of Reuben Johnson and Martha Garrett.  She was probably born in Fannin County, Georgia; her parents appeared on the census there beginning in 1880. 1909 – On […]

Alice Roberts Hemphill Timeline

Hemphill Roberts genealogy

My great-grandmother, Nancy Alice Roberts Hemphill, was born in 1877 and lived to be 88 years old.  Here follows a timeline of her life. 1877 – Alice was born on January 9th in Murray County, Georgia, the third child and oldest daughter of Martin LaFayette Roberts and Rosa E. Ellis. 1880 – Three-year-old Alice lived […]

Timeline for Maud Whitener Butler

I realized in March that I’ve written very little about my female ancestors.  While I wrote several posts then in honor of Women’s History Month, I’ve decided to continue with a new series focusing on the timelines of my female ancestors.  I’m starting with my great-grandmothers and working backward.  The first article was about Lizzie West […]

Introducing the Women’s Timeline Series

Several things have happened in the last few months that made me want to start a new series focusing on the timelines of my female ancestors. First was Women’s History Month in March.  I wanted to write several articles about my female ancestors during that month and as I was looking through my archives to […]

Lizzie West Kendrick Timeline

Map of Lizzie West's residences

My great-grandmother, Lizzie (West) Kendrick, lived from 1886 to 1973 in Murray County, Georgia.  I never knew her, even though she died after I was born.  This timeline reveals what I’ve learned about her life, so far. 1875– Lizzie’s parents, William M. West (1832-1928) and Leaty Caroline Lankford (1848-1937) moved across the Tennessee-Georgia state line […]