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8001 WIFE OF JOHN BURGIN, Rebecca (I4642)
8002 BURGIN, Nicholas (I4643)
8003 WIFE OF ALNEY BURGIN, Salina (I4646)
8004 BURGIN, Charles (I4647)
8005 MCENTIRE, Caroline (I4648)
8006 MCENTIRE, Mary J. (I4649)
8007 ATCHLEY, Noah (I4656)
8008 PHARIS, Elizabeth (I4657)
8009 ATCHLEY, Pleasant M. (I4658)
8010 ATCHLEY, Matilda R. (I4659)
8011 ATCHLEY, Thomas (I4660)
8012 ATCHLEY, Samuel (I4661)
8013 ATCHLEY, Lydia C. (I4662)
8014 ATCHLEY, Joshua (I4663)
8015 ATCHLEY, William P. (I4664)
8016 ATCHLEY, Elizabeth (I4665)
8017 WIFE OF JACOB WEIDNER, Barbara (I4666)
8018 WIFE OF ISAAC WEIDNER, Unknown (I4667)
8019 MANN, Unknown (I4668)
8020 WIFE OF JOHN MANN, Elizabeth (I4670)
8021 MANN, Else (I4671)
8022 MANN, Mary (I4672)
8023 WRIGHT, Henry (I4673)
8024 WRIGHT, Gean (Jean) (I4674)
8025 GREENLEE, James M. (I4676)
8026 POTEAT, Mary (I4677)
8027 HUNTER, Sarah Hoard (I4678)
8028 GREENLEE, Daughter (I4679)
8029 GREENLEE, John Mitchell (I4680)
8030 GREENLEE, Mary (I4681)
8031 GREENLEE, Margaret (I4682)
8032 GREENLEE, William M. (I4683)
8033 SACKETT, Minerva Keziah (I4685)
8034 GREENLEE, Ephraim McDowell (I4686)
8035 SHAW, Sarah Carr (I4687)
8036 BROWN, Sarah Hollingsworth (I4688)
8037 SIGMON, Captain Paulzer (I4690)
8038 FARNSWORTH, Susan (I4691)
8039 ALEXANDER, Catherine R. (I4692)
8040 WHITEHEAD, James Jr. (I4694)
8041 KALKGLEASER, John Henry (I4695)
8042 TILLEY, Henry (I4710)
8043 TILLEY, John (I4712)
8044 TILLEY, Edmund (I4713)
8045 TILLEY, Lewis (I4714)
8046 TILLEY, Elizabeth (I4715)
8047 TILLEY, Nancy (I4716)
8048 TILLEY, Peggy (I4717)
8049 TILLEY, Mary (I4718)
8050 WIFE OF PERTER MATHIS, Catherine (I4742)
8051 BOGGS\BAGGS, Alexander (I4743)
8052 BOGGS\BAGGS\BEGGS, Alexander (I4744)
8053 LOGAN, Margaret Ruth (I4760)
8054 ALEXANDER, Harriet E. (I4794)
8055 WHITE, William T. (I4795)
8056 WHITSON, Drucilla (I4796)
8057 DEBORD, Priscilla C. (I4797)
8058 HARBIN, O. N. (I4798)
8059 HOLCOMBE, Salina (I4799)
8060 HORSHAW, Ann (I4800)
8061 HORSHAW, Jacob (I4801)
8062 LEDFORD, Mary A. (I4858)
8064 HOOD, Alexander (I4869)
8065 HOOD, Nancy (I4870)
8066 HOOD, Franky (I4871)
8067 HOOD, Parker (I4872)
8068 HOOD, Sally (I4873)
8069 HOOD, Bryson (I4874)
8070 BROWN, Unknown (I4875)
8071 HINTON, Anna (I4876)
8072 REYNOLDS, Isham (I4877)
8073 HINTON, David (I4878)
8074 KENDRICK, Robert (I4881)
8075 RAMSEY, Thomas P. (I4883)
8076 ADAMS, Obedience C. (I4884)
8077 COFFEY, Unknown (I4886)
8078 CAYLOR, Unknown (I4888)
8079 MULLINAX, Beulah B. (I4892)
8080 MULLINAX, W W (I4902)
8081 BELL, Penelope (I4903)
8082 WILSON, Unknown (I4906)
8083 BURK, Thomas (I4907)
8084 BURK, Honora (I4908)
8085 COLMAN, Unknown (I4909)
8086 York County, SC Deed Book C, p 47. Moses sold his land along Kings Creek. He was identified as a miller. Moses' wife Sarah signed the will, indicating this was Moses' last property in York County and she was signing away her dower rights to the property. QUARLES, Moses (I2413)
8087 Zilla was Robert's first wife. They had two children. Family F1191
8088 Zilla Williams -> Granddaughter Flora article WILLIAMS, Zilla (I3573)
8089 Zilpha (11/12) appeared in the household of John Garrett (34) as his daughter. She was born in June 1899. She and both parents were born in Georgia. The household included Nancy (31), William (9), Asbury (6), and James (3).

John's sister, Sarah Mathis, appeared next door. 
GARRETT, Zilpha (I3074)
8090 [ ] - Stray Leaves, A James Family in America Since 1650; HEMPHILL, James (I1838)
8091 [Burial date derived: he died on Saturday, 6 Nov 1926. He was buried on Monday, 2 days later.] HEMPHILL, Olin Edward (I1036)
8092 [Family tradition says John Quarles married Frances Winters in 1816.]
In Deposition R, Case of Malinda Butler, No. 3909, dated 30 Jun 1897, Levi Mote states that he knew James Butler from boyhood and that James married a cousin of his, Rhoda Quarles (Levi's mother was Mary Quarles, daughter of Moses Quarles, which offers further evidence that Rhoda is the daughter of John Quarles, who was the son of Moses Quarles).
"I'm of the opinion that Rhoda was the daughter of John Qualls and Frances Winters. Unfortunately, I have little documentation to that effect. Historical records (newspaper accounts) document that David Butler was a cousin of John Marion Quarles, also a grandson of John Quarles/Frances Winters. This also ties Rhoda Quarles to the John Quarles/Frances Winters family. I believe David Quarles (John Marion's father) and Rhoda were brother & sister." 
Family F232
8093 [illegible] (1) appeared in the household of Henry Settlemire (40). He was born in Catawba County, NC. The household included Sarah (30), Alfred (11), Rhoda (10), Julius (8), M. Jones (7), Ellen (6), Noah (5), and Mary Ann (3). SETTLEMYER, Illegible (I2806)
8094 [Note, Rowena is referred to as "Miss Rowena Hemphill" in family obituaries from 1926 to 1936, so she must have gotten married after 1936.] Family F1259
8095 Source (S603)

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