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Newton Coleman Ward in Birmingham, AL

According to my grandmother, her father spent time in Birmingham working as a streetcar driver. I can place him in Georgia during each census year, so this would have been during an "in-between" time. Newt and my great-grandmother were married in 1909. They were courting at the time this picture was taken; they are the young couple on the far left. They were living together along with their first child in Fannin County, Georgia in 1910. I think it is likely that he was in Alabama prior to their marriage, perhaps between 1905 and 1909, but it could have been after 1910. Pepaw Ward was a farmer (and moonshiner) when he was young and I imagine he went to the city in hopes of earning a steady wage. If you have any information regarding Newt Ward, particularly his time in Birmingham, or any insight on searching old Birmingham records, please leave a comment below. Any help would be appreciated!
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Barbara Baxter Kendrick

My g-g-grandmother's name was Barbara Baxter. I have very little information about her.

She was married to Francis Marion Kendrick on 16 Apr 1871. I can place the two of them, along with various children, in the 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 censuses, always living in the Alaculsey District of Murray County, Georgia. She was born 20 Dec 1854 and died 05 Mar 1939.

That's it. That's all I have. No parents, no siblings.

In searching through Murray County Heritage, I've just discovered that there is a Baxter Family Cemetery in the Alaculsey Valley. I must find out where it is and visit.

I had remembered from a prior perusal of the same book that there was an iron works company called Baxter & Buchanan that operated in Alaculsey Valley in the 1860's. It makes sense that this company would be associated with Barbara's family in some way.

Does anyone know anything about Barbara?
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Where was Dave Butler before 1880?

David S. Butler was my great-great-grandfather. I know that he was in Murray County, Georgia in the 1900s. Working backward, he died in 1938, and I have census records for 1930, (research gap: I don't have 1920), 1910, and 1900. Each census gives Georgia as his place of birth. I have nearby Adairsville as his birthplace, but have no documentation for that fact.

Dave was married to Malinda Josephine Hemphill around 1878 and they were enumerated on the 1880 census in Murray County. Malinda was also from Murray County, so it's possible that he was already there in the 1870s. His parents were James Butler (born about 1820) and Rhoda Qualls/Quarles (born 1825), whom I can place in Hall County, Georgia in 1850. Dave is the youngest of their children, to my knowledge, and the only one born after 1850.

Please leave a comment if you know anything about Dave or his family. Any help would be appreciated!
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Where Was the Wyatt Lankford Family in 1860

I'm looking for ancestors of Leaty (Lankford) West. I have her parents as Wyatt Lankford and Morning Tabitha Bruer.

"Wiet" and Morning Lankford were enumerated on the 1880 Census in the Alaculsa District of Murray County, Georgia. I feel somewhat confident that these are Leaty?s parents, because they are three households away from Leaty and her family. Their son William lives with them.

However, I also have the 1850 Census, which lists Wyatt and Tabitha in Polk County, Tennessee, but Leaty is not in their household. If this family is correct, that means that Leaty's birthdate is wrong on her gravestone. I would feel better if I could find the 1860 Census for this family - if Leaty is their daughter, she would be around 10.

Wyatt and Tabitha are in Murray County in 1870, along with sons William and Abner. There is also an Abner Lankford enumerated in the William and Leaty West household in 1870, whom I have always assumed was Leaty?s brother. The question becomes is this the same Abner, enumerated in two households or is it two separate, but probably related families?
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