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Murray County, Georgia


Latitude: 34.7928029, Longitude: -84.7315563


Matches 1 to 91 of 91

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ADAIR, Frances Louella  9 Dec 1883Murray County, Georgia I683
2 BAXTER, Barbara Elizabeth  20 Dec 1854Murray County, Georgia I1657
3 BAXTER, George Taylor  31 Oct 1854Murray County, Georgia I2842
4 BAXTER, James David  5 Feb 1850Murray County, Georgia I3656
5 BAXTER, James R.  20 May 1866Murray County, Georgia I3654
6 BAXTER, John A.  12 Oct 1858Murray County, Georgia I3651
7 BAXTER, Mary Jane  16 Jul 1852Murray County, Georgia I2678
8 BAXTER, Sarah C.  Abt 1864Murray County, Georgia I2679
9 BAXTER, Sarah Caroline  25 Dec 1848Murray County, Georgia I2661
10 BAXTER, William H.  Jun 1860Murray County, Georgia I3652
11 BUTLER, Mattie Lytle  28 Jul 1879Murray County, Georgia I1962
12 BUTLER, William Taylor Jr.  28 Dec 1929Murray County, Georgia I4893
13 CAYLOR, John Wesley  14 Mar 1866Murray County, Georgia I2834
14 CHABLE, Andrew Alphonse  12 Jun 1866Murray County, Georgia I2663
15 CHILDERS, Herbert M.  27 Mar 1894Murray County, Georgia I951
16 CHILDERS, Mollie Victoria Elrod  15 Aug 1909Murray County, Georgia I953
17 ELLIS, James Churcell  Jul 1855Murray County, Georgia I2092
18 ELLIS, John Alexander  1842Murray County, Georgia I588
19 ELLIS, Rosa Evelyn  28 Mar 1853Murray County, Georgia I1627
20 ELLIS, Thaddeus Stephen  Mar 1840Murray County, Georgia I587
21 ELLIS, William Jefferson  28 Oct 1846Murray County, Georgia I571
22 ELROD, Magdalin  31 Aug 1894Murray County, Georgia I948
23 GREENLEE, Mary Margaret  25 Apr 1892Murray County, Georgia I830
24 HEADRICK, John  17 Jun 1872Murray County, Georgia I1268
25 HEMPHILL, James Alexander  19 Apr 1879Murray County, Georgia I1546
26 HEMPHILL, Malinda Josephine  27 May 1860Murray County, Georgia I1524
27 HEMPHILL, Mary Jane  30 Sep 1856Murray County, Georgia I1968
28 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  24 Nov 1918Murray County, Georgia I1796
29 KENDRICK, Cordelia Josephine  12 Oct 1872Murray County, Georgia I19
30 KENDRICK, Francis M.  5 Nov 1921Murray County, Georgia I2891
31 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  14 Nov 1866Murray County, Georgia I2587
32 KENDRICK, Francis Taylor  13 Jun 1876Murray County, Georgia I1518
33 KENDRICK, Icie Irene  30 Dec 1920Murray County, Georgia I1786
34 KENDRICK, Ida Rosa  12 Sep 1875Murray County, Georgia I2367
35 KENDRICK, Jasper Newton  1 Oct 1878Murray County, Georgia I20
36 KENDRICK, Thomas Colvard   I1516
37 KENDRICK, William Dolphus  11 Oct 1925Murray County, Georgia I1277
38 KENDRICK, William Jasper  Abt 1845Murray County, Georgia I2366
39 KILGORE, Charles W.  1 May 1892Murray County, Georgia I950
40 MCENTIRE, Benjamin Cooper  6 Dec 1859Murray County, Georgia I2967
41 MCENTIRE, Emma G.  9 Sep 1862Murray County, Georgia I2968
42 MCENTIRE, James Leach  16 May 1856Murray County, Georgia I853
43 MCENTIRE, Joseph A.  28 Feb 1850Murray County, Georgia I2962
44 MCENTIRE, Laura R.  1 Feb 1858Murray County, Georgia I2850
45 MCENTIRE, Martha Elizabeth  21 Jan 1842Murray County, Georgia I2959
46 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  23 Feb 1841Murray County, Georgia I1599
47 MCENTIRE, Thomas B.  26 Apr 1840Murray County, Georgia I2958
48 PARISH, Ernest  Murray County, Georgia I952
49 RIDLEY, Lillian Irene  10 Dec 1886Murray County, Georgia I960
50 ROBERTS, Albert Early  8 Mar 1882Murray County, Georgia I763
51 ROBERTS, Alberta  Jul 1889Murray County, Georgia I2016
52 ROBERTS, Annie E.  1 Oct 1899Murray County, Georgia I771
53 ROBERTS, Arthur Quillian  6 May 1886Murray County, Georgia I765
54 ROBERTS, Edgar Earnest  30 Nov 1886Murray County, Georgia I687
55 ROBERTS, Edward Martin  15 Jan 1893Murray County, Georgia I768
56 ROBERTS, Elijah Monteville  Mar 1879Murray County, Georgia I1872
57 ROBERTS, Ellen  8 Mar 1884Murray County, Georgia I764
58 ROBERTS, Elmer Rufus  4 Nov 1904Murray County, Georgia I772
59 ROBERTS, Emma Mary  11 Feb 1888Murray County, Georgia I766
60 ROBERTS, Ernest Lafayette  25 Aug 1899Murray County, Georgia I775
61 ROBERTS, George Washington  25 Dec 1878Murray County, Georgia I622
62 ROBERTS, James Meady  7 Nov 1890Murray County, Georgia I767
63 ROBERTS, James Sidney  Abt 1874Murray County, Georgia I1871
64 ROBERTS, Jessie Malinda  4 Jul 1898Murray County, Georgia I770
65 ROBERTS, Lillian Cordelia  13 Sep 1880Murray County, Georgia I762
66 ROBERTS, Maria Fadoshia  5 May 1876Murray County, Georgia I624
67 ROBERTS, Nancy Alice  9 Jan 1877Murray County, Georgia I1547
68 ROBERTS, Paul Russell  31 Oct 1883Murray County, Georgia I686
69 ROBERTS, Samuel Milton  28 Sep 1880Murray County, Georgia I752
70 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  19 Jan 1887Murray County, Georgia I1875
71 ROBERTS, Syble Alice Viola  9 Jan 1895Murray County, Georgia I769
72 ROBERTS, William Hardin  28 Dec 1877Murray County, Georgia I625
73 ROBERTS, William Lafayette  Jun 1872Murray County, Georgia I1870
74 ROBERTS, William Luther  17 Feb 1881Murray County, Georgia I685
75 STROUD, Calvin M.  Abt 1842Murray County, Georgia I741
76 STROUD, John William  13 May 1851Murray County, Georgia I730
77 STROUD, Lois C.  Abt 1840Murray County, Georgia I740
78 STROUD, Margaret A.  23 Jun 1837Murray County, Georgia I737
79 STROUD, Martha P.  Abt 1844Murray County, Georgia I743
80 STROUD, Mary Jane  Abt 1855Murray County, Georgia I746
81 STROUD, Nancy Joanna  Dec 1856Murray County, Georgia I747
82 STROUD, Rebecca D.  19 May 1848Murray County, Georgia I745
83 STROUD, Robert B.  Abt 1838Murray County, Georgia I739
84 TERRY, Julia Ann  24 Oct 1871Murray County, Georgia I1078
85 TUCKER, John William  30 Mar 1840Murray County, Georgia I2381
86 WEST, Robert  28 Apr 1888Murray County, Georgia I373
87 WEST, Roxie May  24 Feb 1913Murray County, Georgia I1255
88 WEST, William Marion  Aug 1878Murray County, Georgia I368
89 WHITENER, Beulah Beatrice  13 Jul 1889Murray County, Georgia I1771
90 WHITENER, Ethel L.  6 May 1901Murray County, Georgia I2445
91 WHITENER, Minnie Louise  6 Jun 1891Murray County, Georgia I1772


Matches 1 to 79 of 79

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Elizabeth A.  14 Sep 1848Murray County, Georgia I1601
2 BAXTER, Andrew  16 Jun 1845Murray County, Georgia I2657
3 BAXTER, Andrew B.  Bef 1855Murray County, Georgia I1504
4 BAXTER, James David  16 Sep 1889Murray County, Georgia I3656
5 BAXTER, James M.  14 Oct 1866Murray County, Georgia I2658
6 BAXTER, James R.  16 Jan 1904Murray County, Georgia I3654
7 BAXTER, John A.  25 Jul 1940Murray County, Georgia I3651
8 BUTLER, Anne Beatrice  5 May 1981Murray County, Georgia I1867
9 BUTLER, Franklin Marvin  17 Aug 1980Murray County, Georgia I1868
10 BUTLER, John Taylor  24 Feb 1988Murray County, Georgia I1667
11 BUTLER, John Taylor Jr.  14 Aug 1992Murray County, Georgia I1021
12 BUTLER, Lula Maude  26 May 1980Murray County, Georgia I1865
13 BUTLER, Mattie Lytle  29 Jul 1963Murray County, Georgia I1962
14 BUTLER, William Taylor  19 Nov 1951Murray County, Georgia I1864
15 CARTER, Georgia Gertrude  1911Murray County, Georgia I1217
16 CHILDERS, Herbert M.  11 Sep 1986Murray County, Georgia I951
17 CHILDERS, Mollie Victoria Elrod  31 Dec 1988Murray County, Georgia I953
18 ELLIS, John O.  Bef 1860Murray County, Georgia I2376
19 ELLIS, Rosa Evelyn  26 Mar 1936Murray County, Georgia I1627
20 ELROD, Magdalin  5 Jul 1946Murray County, Georgia I948
21 HEADRICK, John  22 Nov 1947Murray County, Georgia I1268
22 HEMPHILL, Benjamin Burgin  13 Oct 1909Murray County, Georgia I1531
23 HEMPHILL, James Young  17 Aug 1890Murray County, Georgia I1548
24 HEMPHILL, Malinda Josephine  16 Nov 1933Murray County, Georgia I1524
25 HEMPHILL, Mary Ann  22 Dec 1898Murray County, Georgia I1803
26 HEMPHILL, Thomas L.  Dec 1859Murray County, Georgia I1969
27 JONES, Misco  1 Jun 1963Murray County, Georgia I413
28 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  29 May 1922Murray County, Georgia I2587
29 KENDRICK, Francis Richard  18 Oct 1986Murray County, Georgia I376
30 KENDRICK, Icie Irene  29 Mar 1992Murray County, Georgia I1786
31 KENDRICK, Ida Rosa  30 Aug 1948Murray County, Georgia I2367
32 KENDRICK, Jasper Newton  13 Jun 1948Murray County, Georgia I20
33 KENDRICK, Roy Edward  14 Oct 1974Murray County, Georgia I1768
34 KENDRICK, Samuel Houston  12 Nov 1972Murray County, Georgia I1777
35 KENDRICK, Thomas S.  10 Oct 1882Murray County, Georgia I1787
36 KENDRICK, William Jasper  1891Murray County, Georgia I2366
37 KILGORE, Charles W.  27 Jun 1959Murray County, Georgia I950
38 LANGFORD, Wyatt  16 May 1965Murray County, Georgia I2656
39 LANGSTON, Mariah M.  19 Apr 1916Murray County, Georgia I1629
40 LANKFORD, Wyatt H.  18 Dec 1964Murray County, Georgia I372
41 LAWSON, Mahala  5 Sep 1890Murray County, Georgia I2361
42 MCENTIRE, Benjamin Cooper  1938Murray County, Georgia I2967
43 MCENTIRE, Emma G.  Abt 1863Murray County, Georgia I2968
44 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1917Murray County, Georgia I1910
45 MCENTIRE, James Leach  18 Aug 1920Murray County, Georgia I853
46 MCENTIRE, James Lette  8 Jan 1885Murray County, Georgia I31
47 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  15 Oct 1860Murray County, Georgia I30
48 MCENTIRE, Joseph A.  13 Apr 1868Murray County, Georgia I2962
49 MCENTIRE, Joseph Alexander  27 Nov 1879Murray County, Georgia I1600
50 MCENTIRE, Martha Hemphill  10 Jul 1841Murray County, Georgia I27
51 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  6 Jul 1921Murray County, Georgia I1599
52 MCENTIRE, Thomas B.  Murray County, Georgia I2958
53 MCKINNEY, Rosamond Maude  15 Jan 1880Murray County, Georgia I2017
54 PARISH, Ernest  Murray County, Georgia I952
55 PATTERSON, Charles F.  1959Murray County, Georgia I1081
56 ROBERTS, Alberta  27 Dec 1949Murray County, Georgia I2016
57 ROBERTS, Annie E.  1 Sep 1953Murray County, Georgia I771
58 ROBERTS, Arthur Quillian  18 Nov 1947Murray County, Georgia I765
59 ROBERTS, Elmer Rufus  15 Aug 1970Murray County, Georgia I772
60 ROBERTS, James Meady  13 Sep 1987Murray County, Georgia I767
61 ROBERTS, Jessie Malinda  13 Mar 1987Murray County, Georgia I770
62 ROBERTS, Judson C.  28 Mar 1963Murray County, Georgia I753
63 ROBERTS, Martin Lafayette  2 Apr 1925Murray County, Georgia I1626
64 ROBERTS, Sarah Eva  4 Dec 1971Murray County, Georgia I1875
65 ROBERTS, Syble Alice Viola  18 May 1984Murray County, Georgia I769
66 ROBERTS, William Henry  29 Jun 1940Murray County, Georgia I1876
67 STROUD, John  27 May 1898Murray County, Georgia I694
68 STROUD, Rebecca D.  Oct 1856Murray County, Georgia I745
69 THOMPSON, James Kendall  22 Feb 1913Murray County, Georgia I359
70 TOWNSEND, Vina J.  29 Nov 1954Murray County, Georgia I946
71 TUCKER, Elizabeth McKinney  7 Feb 1907Murray County, Georgia I1648
72 TUCKER, John William  25 Mar 1924Murray County, Georgia I2381
73 TUCKER, Lucy Ann  27 Jun 1905Murray County, Georgia I2095
74 WEST, William Marion  8 Sep 1959Murray County, Georgia I368
75 WEST, Willie Selmer  5 Apr 1986Murray County, Georgia I1396
76 WHITENER, Avery Pollian  12 Mar 1961Murray County, Georgia I1770
77 WHITENER, Howard M.  23 Aug 1996Murray County, Georgia I2549
78 WHITENER, Minnie Louise  16 Jun 1967Murray County, Georgia I1772
79 WHITENER, Vadah Octavia  16 Jan 1998Murray County, Georgia I813


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HEMPHILL, Mary Ann  Aft 22 Dec 1898Murray County, Georgia I1803
2 HEMPHILL, Thomas Edward  Murray County, Georgia I2567
3 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  7 Nov 1932Murray County, Georgia I1769
4 MCENTIRE, James Lette  Aft 8 Jan 1885Murray County, Georgia I31
5 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  Aft 15 Oct 1860Murray County, Georgia I30
6 MCENTIRE, Laura R.  4 Aug 1928Murray County, Georgia I2850
7 MCENTIRE, Martha A.  1916Murray County, Georgia I1909
8 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  Aft 6 Jul 1921Murray County, Georgia I1599
9 ROBERTS, Nancy Alice  26 Mar 1965Murray County, Georgia I1547
10 STROUD, Rebecca D.  Oct 1856Murray County, Georgia I745
11 WHITENER, William Everett  Aft 5 Jan 1937Murray County, Georgia I1523


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Barbara  1850Murray County, Georgia I3655
2 BAXTER, Andrew B.  1850Murray County, Georgia I1504
3 BAXTER, James M.  1850Murray County, Georgia I2658
4 ELLIS, Elijah Marion  1850Murray County, Georgia I2100
5 GREEN, Emily  1850Murray County, Georgia I2584
6 HORTON, Sarah C.  1850Murray County, Georgia I3653
7 LOWERY, Elisabeth  1850Murray County, Georgia I2659
8 LOWERY, Mary  1850Murray County, Georgia I1505
9 LOWERY, William  1850Murray County, Georgia I2660
10 MCENTIRE, Caroline  1850Murray County, Georgia I4648
11 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1850Murray County, Georgia I1910
12 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  1850Murray County, Georgia I30
13 MCENTIRE, Joseph Alexander  1850Murray County, Georgia I1600
14 MCENTIRE, Martha A.  1850Murray County, Georgia I1909
15 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  1850Murray County, Georgia I1599
16 MCENTIRE, Mary J.  1850Murray County, Georgia I4649
17 MCENTIRE, Rhoda Jane  1850Murray County, Georgia I2370
18 MCENTIRE, William Mckey  1850Murray County, Georgia I32
19 MCKINNEY, Rosamond Maude  1850Murray County, Georgia I2017
20 TUCKER, Churchwill Branch  1850Murray County, Georgia I2018
21 TUCKER, Elizabeth McKinney  1850Murray County, Georgia I1648


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 HEMPHILL, Benjamin Burgin  Abt 1870Murray County, Georgia I1531
2 HEMPHILL, Benjamin Burgin  1910Murray County, Georgia I1531
3 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  18 Jul 1902Murray County, Georgia I1910
4 ROBERTS, Monteville  25 Nov 1879Murray County, Georgia I1628
5 TUCKER, Churchwill Branch  Abt 1865Murray County, Georgia I2018


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 BAXTER, James M.  1 Sep 1845Murray County, Georgia I2658
2 BAXTER, William  1 Sep 1845Murray County, Georgia I3935
3 HEMPHILL, Annie G.  6 Oct 1890Murray County, Georgia I2463
4 HEMPHILL, James Alexander  6 Oct 1890Murray County, Georgia I1546
5 HEMPHILL, James Young  6 Feb 1877Murray County, Georgia I1548
6 HEMPHILL, James Young  6 Oct 1890Murray County, Georgia I1548
7 HEMPHILL, Kate Young  6 Oct 1890Murray County, Georgia I2462
8 HEMPHILL, Thomas M.  6 Oct 1890Murray County, Georgia I1830
9 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  25 Sep 1876Murray County, Georgia I1910
10 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  6 Oct 1890Murray County, Georgia I1599
11 ROBERTS, Monteville  Murray County, Georgia I1628


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 MCENTIRE, James Lette  1 Mar 1839Murray County, Georgia I31
2 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  1 Mar 1839Murray County, Georgia I30
3 MCENTIRE, William Mckey  1 Mar 1839Murray County, Georgia I32


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BUTLER, James Benjamin  1930Murray County, Georgia I1521
2 ELLIS, Elijah Marion  Between 1853 and 1857Murray County, Georgia I2100
3 KENDRICK, Francis Richard  1930Murray County, Georgia I376


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Property    Person ID 
1 CHABLE, Andrew Alphonse  15 Jun 1928Murray County, Georgia I2663
2 HEMPHILL, Benjamin Burgin  Oct 1909Murray County, Georgia I1531
3 KENDRICK, Francis Marion  15 Jun 1928Murray County, Georgia I1769
4 MCENTIRE, James Lette  May 1866Murray County, Georgia I31
5 MCENTIRE, Joseph Alexander  Bef 1850Murray County, Georgia I1600


Matches 1 to 60 of 60

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Elizabeth A.  Abt 1837Murray County, Georgia I1601
2 BAXTER, Andrew B.  1845Murray County, Georgia I1504
3 BAXTER, Barbara Elizabeth  1939Murray County, Georgia I1657
4 BUTLER, Bennie Ruth  1935Murray County, Georgia I3736
5 BUTLER, Edna Josephine  1935Murray County, Georgia I1577
6 BUTLER, George William  1935Murray County, Georgia I1576
7 BUTLER, Hugh Carroll  1935Murray County, Georgia I3737
8 BUTLER, James Benjamin  1935Murray County, Georgia I1521
9 BUTLER, John Taylor Jr.  1992Murray County, Georgia I1021
10 BUTLER, Luke Hemphill  1984Murray County, Georgia I1665
11 BUTLER, Martha Billie  1935Murray County, Georgia I1672
12 BUTLER, Rhoda Callie  1935Murray County, Georgia I1964
13 ELLIS, James E.  1832Murray County, Georgia I2102
14 HARRIS, Martha E.  Murray County, Georgia I855
15 HEADRICK, John  1935Murray County, Georgia I1268
16 HEADRICK, Lola May  1935Murray County, Georgia I1271
17 HEADRICK, Nola  1935Murray County, Georgia I1273
18 HEMPHILL, Beatrice Myrtie  1976Murray County, Georgia I1511
19 HEMPHILL, Blanche Geneva  1935Murray County, Georgia I1848
20 HEMPHILL, John Edward   I1514
21 HEMPHILL, First Lieutenant Robert Manning  1935Murray County, Georgia I1796
22 HEMPHILL, William Elmer  1944Murray County, Georgia I1795
23 KENDRICK, Ida Rosa  1935Murray County, Georgia I2367
24 LANGSTON, Mariah M.  From 1899 to 1900Murray County, Georgia I1629
25 LANKFORD, Leaty Caroline  Abt 1875Murray County, Georgia I363
26 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  Abt 1837Murray County, Georgia I1910
27 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1902Murray County, Georgia I1910
28 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1903Murray County, Georgia I1910
29 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1904Murray County, Georgia I1910
30 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1905Murray County, Georgia I1910
31 MCENTIRE, James Alexander  1906Murray County, Georgia I1910
32 MCENTIRE, James Lette  1835 or 1836Murray County, Georgia I31
33 MCENTIRE, James Lette  Abt 1840Murray County, Georgia I31
34 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  Murray County, Georgia I854
35 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  1835 or 1836Murray County, Georgia I30
36 MCENTIRE, John Cunningham  Abt 1840Murray County, Georgia I30
37 MCENTIRE, Joseph Alexander  Abt 1837Murray County, Georgia I1600
38 MCENTIRE, Martha A.  Abt 1837Murray County, Georgia I1909
39 MCENTIRE, Martha Hemphill  1835 or 1836Murray County, Georgia I27
40 MCENTIRE, Mary Elizabeth  27 Sep 1910Murray County, Georgia I1599
41 MCENTIRE, William Mckey  1835 or 1836Murray County, Georgia I32
42 O'NEAL, John Houston  Bef 1906Murray County, Georgia I2604
43 ROBERTS, Alberta  1949Murray County, Georgia I2016
44 ROBERTS, James Meady  1987Murray County, Georgia I767
45 ROBERTS, Judson C.  1963Murray County, Georgia I753
46 ROGERS, Amos M.  1935Murray County, Georgia I3648
47 STANFORD, Helen  1935Murray County, Georgia I3741
48 STANFORD, Marvin Eakes  1935Murray County, Georgia I976
49 WALDROP, Ethel  1935Murray County, Georgia I1664
50 WEST, Catherine  Abt 1875Murray County, Georgia I365
51 WEST, James M  Abt 1875Murray County, Georgia I364
52 WEST, James M  From 1895 to 1896Murray County, Georgia I364
53 WEST, John B.  Abt 1875Murray County, Georgia I366
54 WEST, John B.  From 1895 to 1896Murray County, Georgia I366
55 WEST, Mary  Abt 1875Murray County, Georgia I367
56 WEST, William M  Abt 1875Murray County, Georgia I362
57 WEST, William M  From 1894 to 1896Murray County, Georgia I362
58 WHITENER, Avery Pollian  1961Murray County, Georgia I1770
59 WHITENER, Maud Angeline  1935Murray County, Georgia I1520
60 WHITENER, William Adolphus  Aft 1900Murray County, Georgia I1463


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 BEAMER, Naomi  1880Murray County, Georgia I623
2 FOUTS, Sarah E.  1892Murray County, Georgia I358
3 STANFORD, Sarah L.  1887Murray County, Georgia I742


Matches 1 to 61 of 61

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILEY / STROUD  15 Dec 1850Murray County, Georgia F526
2 BAILEY / STROUD  24 Apr 1859Murray County, Georgia F527
3 BAXTER / LOWERY  4 Jan 1849Murray County, Georgia F822
4 BAXTER / LOWERY  14 Dec 1851Murray County, Georgia F885
5 BUTLER / WHITENER  8 Feb 1906Murray County, Georgia F5
6 CHILDERS / ELLIS  21 Aug 1850Murray County, Georgia F453
7 CHILDERS / ROBERTS  6 Jun 1914Murray County, Georgia F608
8 ELLIS / BLACK  23 Jul 1840Murray County, Georgia F487
9 ELLIS / CAMPBELL  8 Feb 1880Murray County, Georgia F943
10 ELLIS / HARRISON  1838Murray County, Georgia F484
11 ELLIS / STROUD  21 Oct 1877Murray County, Georgia F531
12 ELLIS / TUCKER  21 Mar 1852Murray County, Georgia F178
13 GREENLEE / HEMPHILL  31 Mar 1891Murray County, Georgia F561
14 GREGORY / HEMPHILL  22 May 1910Murray County, Georgia F959
15 HANEY / TUCKER  10 Oct 1889Murray County, Georgia F938
16 HARRISON / WHITENER  8 Jan 1905Murray County, Georgia F553
17 HEADRICK / KENDRICK  27 Jul 1890Murray County, Georgia F735
18 HEMPHILL / BOWERS  18 Jun 1933Murray County, Georgia F420
19 HEMPHILL / LOVE  1 Jan 1891Murray County, Georgia F853
20 HEMPHILL / MCENTIRE  18 Aug 1859Murray County, Georgia F24
21 HEMPHILL / MCENTIRE  10 Sep 1867Murray County, Georgia F25
22 HEMPHILL / MORRISON  1 Apr 1928Murray County, Georgia F421
23 HEMPHILL / QUARLES  31 Jul 1931Murray County, Georgia F679
24 HEMPHILL / ROBERTS  25 Dec 1897Murray County, Georgia F23
25 HEMPHILL / WARD  30 Nov 1946Murray County, Georgia F3
26 KENDRICK / BAXTER  16 Apr 1871Murray County, Georgia F110
27 KENDRICK / FOUTS  25 Jan 1866Murray County, Georgia F408
28 KENDRICK / FOUTS  18 Aug 1901Murray County, Georgia F468
29 KENDRICK / FOUTS  19 May 1907Murray County, Georgia F720
30 KENDRICK / SHIELDS  27 Nov 1898Murray County, Georgia F493
31 KENDRICK / WEST  20 Oct 1917Murray County, Georgia F4
32 KENDRICK / WHITENER  23 Jul 1922Murray County, Georgia F552
33 KILGORE / ROBERTS  6 Jul 1913Murray County, Georgia F607
34 O'NEAL / BAXTER  28 Nov 1869Murray County, Georgia F895
35 OSBORN / ELLIS  4 Jun 1874Murray County, Georgia F454
36 PARISH / ROBERTS  Murray County, Georgia F609
37 POTEET / KENDRICK  26 Feb 1872Murray County, Georgia F112
38 ROBERTS / ADAIR  25 Dec 1898Murray County, Georgia F515
39 ROBERTS / BEAMER  28 May 1875Murray County, Georgia F496
40 ROBERTS / CHADWICK  14 Mar 1920Murray County, Georgia F651
41 ROBERTS / CHILDERS  11 Mar 1944Murray County, Georgia F610
42 ROBERTS / ELLIS  28 Jan 1872Murray County, Georgia F62
43 ROBERTS / ELROD  23 May 1914Murray County, Georgia F605
44 ROBERTS / HEARTSILL  3 Feb 1878Murray County, Georgia F495
45 ROBERTS / HENDERSON  14 Dec 1879Murray County, Georgia F424
46 ROBERTS / MORGAN  21 Jul 1895Murray County, Georgia F538
47 ROBERTS / OSBORNE  14 Jan 1912Murray County, Georgia F606
48 ROBERTS / TOWNSEND  7 Apr 1901Murray County, Georgia F539
49 ROBERTS / TOWNSEND  23 Dec 1906Murray County, Georgia F603
50 SAMPLER / BUTLER  26 Nov 1899Murray County, Georgia F698
51 SANFORD / KENDRICK  3 Jan 1941Murray County, Georgia F410
52 STANFIELD / STROUD  28 Dec 1851Murray County, Georgia F528
53 STANFORD / HEMPHILL  13 Apr 1919Murray County, Georgia F624
54 STROUD / HEMPHILL  13 Mar 1877Murray County, Georgia F524
55 STROUD / STANFORD  Bef 1871Murray County, Georgia F529
56 STUART / ROBERTS  Murray County, Georgia F602
57 STUART / ROBERTS  Murray County, Georgia F604
58 SWANN / ROBERTS  20 Jun 1943Murray County, Georgia F541
59 WALLACE / STROUD  Aft 1850Murray County, Georgia F525
60 WHITENER / MULLINAX  17 May 1916Murray County, Georgia F812
61 WOFFORD / DWIGHT  16 Aug 1859Murray County, Georgia F671

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 BAILEY / STROUD  12 Dec 1850Murray County, Georgia F526
2 HEADRICK / KENDRICK  25 Jul 1890Murray County, Georgia F735
3 KENDRICK / FOUTS  16 May 1907Murray County, Georgia F720
4 SAMPLER / BUTLER  25 Nov 1899Murray County, Georgia F698