Inventory of Family Papers

As I wrote about on Sunday, the second assignment in Lesson Two of the NGS Home Study Course is to make an inventory of family papers found at home (or at a relative’s) and to include the paper’s provenance and genealogical information and clues.  My list (limited to ten items) is below: Article regarding funeral […]

Treasure Chest Thursday: Hemphill-Love Marriage

Hemphill genealogy

Thomas M. Hemphill and Mattie Love were married 1891 on New Year’s Day in Murray County, Georgia1 . Thomas was my great-grandfather’s (James A.) half-brother and first cousin.  Their father was James Young Hemphill.  Thomas’ mother was Rhoda McEntire and J. A.’s mother was Rhoda’s sister, Mary Elizabeth.  Rhoda died and then J. Y. married […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-11-17

RT @benotforgot: #familyhistory Wordless Wednesday :: Forget-Me-Not Day #genealogy # On the road to #fhexpo # Just arrived at hotel in Atlanta. #fhexpo # All checked in at #fhexpo I'm early, which is so unlike me. Excited for the day to start! #genealogy # Holly Hansen speaking. #fhexpo # Great people to #FF @leenygirl […]

Tombstone Tuesday: Richard & Vadah Kendrick


Francis Richard Kendrick was born 10 October 1904, probably in Murray County, Georgia1.  He died 18 October 1986, also in Murray County2.  Vadah Octavia Whitener was born 16 Apr 19053 in Tennessee4.  She died in 16 January 1998 in Murray County5. Richard and Vadah were married 23 July 1922 in Murray County6.  Richard was my […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-11-10

Reading “Prepare Before Attending a Genealogy Conference” via Granite Genealogy #genealogy # RT @megansmolenyak: “Megan Smolenyak: Grant Money for #Genealogy Initiatives – Seriously.” ( ) # Reading: “The Plight of The Intuitive Genealogist” via In Black and White: Cross-Cultural Genealogy #genealogy # RT @geneabloggers: Cooks Source – the web is considered public […]

Tombstone Tuesday: Avery & Drusilla Whitener

Whitener genealogy

Avery Whitener was born 14 October 18761 in Georgia2.  He died 12 March 1961 in Murray County, Georgia3.  His wife, Drusilla Dillard, was born 8 October 18834.  She died 21 January 1972 in Chatsworth, Georgia5.  Avery and Drusilla were married on 26 December 1909 in Rhea County, Tennessee6.  They are buried at Chatsworth Heights Cemetery7. […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-11-03

RT @marygenealogy79: Pocahontas’ wedding site found – Science – via @msnbc # Reading “Evidence Analysis Webinar Available Online” via Adventures in Genealogy Education. #genealogy # Ordered my first FHL microfilm today. Can’t wait for it to come! #genealogy # Blog post: Treasure Chest Thursday: Poteet-Kindrick Marriage License # Reading “Wow wow wow!!” […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-10-27


Go Clue Wagon! RT @cluewagon: New Post: In Which I Piss Off Pretty Much The Entire Genealogy Establishment # RT @DearMYRTLE: #FSBlogDay Travis Jordan: Thomas Jones free class Inferential Genealogy at # RT @rjseaver: #FSBlogDay over 100 online courses today – use “How To” link on # Awesome! RT @ACoffin: Ability to […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-10-20

Blog Post: Evaluating Research Data #genealogy # RT @moultriecreek: Take another look at your family ephemera – they make great scrapbook design elements! # Reading “1930 Census: Enumerator Instructions” #genealogy # RT @mikeauger: “#Genealogy without documentation is mythology”. As per Josh Taylor of #NEHGS Love it! # RT @baysideresearch: What I did […]

Weekly Updates for 2010-10-13


RT @ValerieC84: From @ajc #Genealogy Column: #FHExpo planned in Gwinnett County # Browsing collections at the Digital Library of Georgia. # RT @celiablack32: The new face of genealogy: By DANIELLE MURRAY, Freelance October 9, 2010 9:18 AM Genealogist Ken Q… # RT @lincolnhistory: Need some help with your genealogy? Check out these […]